Time to Remortgage

Is your mortgage due for review soon?

According to an analysis by Accord Mortgages, nearly £100bn worth of mortgages will mature by the end of the year, with close to one-third (£29.1bn) maturing in December, all as borrowers grapple with a national cost of living crisis and rising interest rates.

With most lenders offering 6 months to complete once an offer is in place, if your mortgage is due for review any time up to March 2023 you can start to look at options now. Certain lenders will even be able to offer longer periods to complete taking us up to 9 months.  With rates continually increasing, and with utility bills skyrocketing,  now is the time to look at options.

At JF Financial Solutions, we offer whole of market mortgage advice and can find the best deals available based on your personal circumstance.

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